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Setting Sitemap Google Yahoo ke Blog

Cara menambah Google sitemap pada blog

1. Login ke akun gmail anda lalu kunjungi

2. Setelah itu masukkan alamat blog anda pada kotak "Click here to add site". Contohnya: Lalu klik Add site

3. Kemudian akan muncul pesan "Your site has been added to your account.."

4. Klik Verify your site

verify your site
5. Klik menu dropdown lalu pilih add a meta tag

add google sitemap
6. Copy kode yang ada pada kotak lalu letakkan seperti contoh yang telah diberikan

google sitemap
7. Kalau masih bingung, klik menu Edit HTML blogger

8. Letakkan kodenya diatas

9. Jika sudah klik Save Template lalu balik lagi ke Google Webmaster Tool

10. Klik Verify.

11. Jika berhasil maka akan muncul pesan "You've successfully verified .."

Cara menambahkan Yahoo sitemap pada blog

Untuk Yahoo sitemap caranya hampir sama dengan cara menambahkan Google sitemap seperti diatas. Berikut langkahnya:

1. Login ke yahoo mail anda lalu kunjungi

2. Masukkan alamat blog anda lalu klik Add my site

3. klik By adding a META tag to my homepage

add yahoo sitemap4. Copy kode seperti yang saya lingkari dibawah ini.

authenticate meta tag
5. Buka menu Edit HTML blogger.

6. Letakkan kode tersebut diatas . Jika anda sudah memasang Google sitemap. Letakkan pas dibawahnya.

7. Jika sudah klik Save Template lalu kembali ke halaman Yahoo sitemap. Klik Ready to Authenticate.

8. Kalau berhasil maka akan muncul "Your site has been authenticated".

Selamat mencoba. Semoga bermanfaat..
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Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

The Golden Pen: The Reciprocal Linking Guide by Paul Easton

I have found Paul Easton that explain how to make a traffic that could provide a good long-term source of traffic. Actually help you build more visitors without losing any traffic. If you have a site that has a low budget for marketing, reciprocal links could provide a good long-term source of traffic.

Some web site owners have a fear of giving away their hard earned traffic to other sites by links out. With the right precautions, links to other sites can actually help you build more visitors without losing any traffic.

First we will look at how to find sites to exchange links with.Then how to ask for links and lastly how to protect your existing traffic.

Part 1-looking for sites to swap links with

a. First stop- search engines, send an email to mailto:search@... using any keyword or keyword phrase of your web site in the subject and a blank body and hit send. In a couple of minutes, check your email and you will have the URLs of the top 5 ranked sites across 5 major engines.

b. Do this for 10 different phrases that your customer would use, but a slightly different market. If you specialize in home business on-line, then you could do a search for "home
business accounting software" or "small business help" Combine these lists and you have a very targeted list of URLs to visit

c. Visit the list and be sure they are a quality web site that you want to exchange links with. You are also looking for the name of each site owner so you address a letter personally to them

You can also list your site at these places---

The Reciprocal Link Directory

An easily searched directory of categorized sites that want to swap links. also

Now you need to make sure that you do not lose too much traffic to the links out has a script called CC Goodbye. When the visitor leave your site it will open a small new window, here is where you can offer a special deal to them. You can use
free software and offer them a benefit to joining your newsletter so then you will be able to contact them on a regular basis. A good offer is like the one I have that is a free 5 day marketing
course with software included at

Next topic : How to make Website Traffic

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Senin, 01 Juni 2009

Secret Traffic into Your Website

I Have already registering for Traffic Secrets Unleashed. This is a complete manual that will teach everything about traffic generation. Second this will give you on taking the necessary steps towards your financial independence.

All you need to do is send visitors to your unique affiliate link below. It will take them directly to the sign up page so they can get their own free copy of Traffic Secrets Unleashed and you will earn big bucks in commissions for doing so. Your subscribers will love you for the free gift.

In addition, if you refer only 20 free members, you will receive an upgraded membership absolutely free!

If you want to know it, please see here.
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Jumat, 29 Mei 2009


Many people think that having a good website is all you need to get tons of visitors. Wrong answer. Getting traffic to your site takes hard work and diligence and is not accomplished overnight. Think about it this way - how are people supposed to know where to find your site if you don't tell them? You must advertise. Here are some proven ways to advertise your site without spending [much] money:
  1. Submit your site to as many search engines as you can. Here are some of the popular ones you can start with:

    Alexa AltaVista AllTheWeb AOL Ask
    DMOZ ExactSeek Excite GigaBlast Google
    Hotbot Kanoodle Live Lycos LookSmart
    MSN National Directory Netscape SearchIt WebCrawler
    What-U-Seek Yahoo

  2. Use a favicon.ico - see below.
  3. If you have a Christian Website, be sure to submit it to all the Christian Directories. We have a list of about 50 of the most popular Christian Directories here.
  4. Have Dynamic content on your site - Message Board, Links Directory, Guest Book, Online Search, Picture Gallery, Quote of the day, News items, Site Search, Links Engine ... It all makes for a more enjoyable experience for your visitors ... and happy visitors come back.
  5. Make sure you don't have broken links on your site! There is nothing more annoying when one clicks a link and it does not work. There are hundreds of places you can go on the internet that will check your link validity. Use them.
  6. Make sure your META TAGS are done right. Learn how to do this here.
  7. Submit your site to as many privately run Link Directories/Search Engines as you can find. These will not generally boost your traffic in any major way but will help to maintain steady stream of qualified visitors.
  8. Use Banners with care. See below.
  9. Subscribe to the Usenet groups and advertise there. A good place to start is Google Groups
    • Be sure to submit your site in appropriate groups!
    • Be sure to signup with a backup email or you will get onto every spammers database!
    • Be sure you don't SPAM -- only submit a write up of your site once to any given group.
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If you're interested in generating thousands of targeted visitors for free and from very little effort, then this is going to be the most important email you read all year.


Because a young 18 year old from the UK has just blown the lid off all the Twitter game. His name is Alex Shelton, and he's gone from zero to over 10,752 followers on Twitter is just 30 days
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Here's just a few of the things he's going to share with you:

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- The little known technique that will give you an instant boost of followers

Getting excited? You should be! Plus there's tonnes more stuff all explained on the website.

Just go there now!
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great strategies and tactics from Dan Lok, and Rosalind Gardners.

I am looking for tips how met great strategies and tactics. I found from Dan Lok, and Rosalind Gardners.

Here is the list of traffic generation that may give you more ideas to bring flood of traffic to your success.

+. Submit articles to article directories.
+. Conduct link exchange activity with other blogs and websites.
+. Be a contributor on Yahoo/MSN Answers
+. Create a blog and join
+. Create a account and make friends with your target market.
+. Create a viral report with links coming back to your website.
+. Generate a software product that you distribute free but advertise your website in it.
+. Build an article directory for a hot niche market
+. Produce a useful web-based software for public use
+. Ask thought-provoking questions
+. Build viral videos and upload them to
+. Buy links from
+. Submit classified ads to
+. Publish content based on the latest news or unique items to tap on long tail traffic
+. Optimize your webpages for meta tags, title tags and H1 tags
+. Run online contests with kick-ass prizes
+. Run article exchange campaigns with HTML links in them
+. Generate your own social networking site
+. Join and participate in the Internet Marketing Singapore forum to get suggestions and ideas
+. Produce an unbelievable product and sell it on
+. Auction off cheap digital items on eBay
+. Write articles for major sites like
+. Create a regular PDF newsletter
+. Talk to 5 people every day about one piece of content on your site
+. Visit online guest books and leave a comment
+. Visit other blogs and contribute actively on a regular basis
+. Use banner advertising on banner exchange programs like
+. Seek out joint venture partners to promote your site/event
+. Purchase leads from a co-registration service
+. Write an offline book
+. Distribute flyers
+. Sponsor an event with prizes that have your website on it
+. Run a charity event
+. Submit a press release to
+. Use resell rights promotions
+. Produce a web or blog template using Open Source license
+. Create a community with a community badge/chicklet for identity
+. Look for newsworthy information and syndicate to
+. Use your MSN nickname/message
+. Provide a free download on your site with a message on the back of your business card
+. Leave an email signature
+. Have a tell-a-friend form
+. Newspaper advertismenets
+. Direct response mail
+. Regular podcasts
+. Create an affiliate program
+. Get invited to events
+. Give people the right to syndicate your content
+. Keep your content fresh
+. Create multiple offers
+. Use ping sites for your blog
+. Use article submission services like to create backlinks
+. Car decals with your website on it
+. Generate a member-get-member promotion
+. Offer a 50% sale for products on your site
+. Create an online community of friends
+. Invite 10 people to visit your site on a regular basis
+. Use Google Adwords
+. Use MSN Adcenter
+. Use Yahoo Search Marketing
+. Use Adbrite
+. Getresponse Co-registration service
+. Optimize your website for a specific, targeted key phrase
+. Use to get bloggers to write about your site
+. Run a Web 2.0 community
+. Advertise in the Yellow Pages
+. Directory submissions
+. Affiliate directory submissions
+. Direct email campaigns with list owners
+. Use direct response postcards
+. Build a free software directory
+. Build a free image directory
+. Offer a bonus product during a product launch to JV partners
+. Use well-optimized websites and content
+. Bait providers to visit your website through and
+. Purchase outdoor advertising space at targeted locations
+. Create an Opt-in mailing list
+. Visit and participate in forums related to your niche.
+. Build more backlinks for popular keywords
+. Narrow your market to a specific niche
+. Build more websites within related niches
+. Attend more seminars to gain connections
+. Use a Feed Reader to subscribe to RSS feeds - comment on targeted posts
+. Have multiple distribution locations for a physical product
+. Create your own products and let affiliates sell them
+. Blog controversially
+. Look for related websites in #1 position and buy advertising space from them
+. Set up account with
+. Set up account with
+. Set up account with
+. Set up account with - A Singaporean social networking site
+. Set up account with
+. Do a giveaway rights promotion
+. Run a Cost-Per-Lead program
+. Run a Classified on
+. Find a Cause to support and promote the cause
+. Get people involved in your community
+. Use a tell-a-friend script and place this automatically with people have opted-in
+. Run a blog carnival
+. Use games to “tag” people
+. Encourage article exchanges
+. Request people to submit articles that you will display on your blog for free
+. Build a free online widget that people will use
+. Join discussion groups on Google, Yahoo or MySpace groups
+. Advertise on
+. Use Global SMS service
+. Leverage
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Traffic From Alexa

Bagi sebagian kalangan blogger, membenamkan widgets Alexa di halaman blognya adalah suatu syarat mutlak untuk mendatangkan traffik. Kenapa? Karena Alexa adalah sebuah website penyedia layanan informasi mengenai traffik suatu blog atau website. Dengan menanamkan
widget-widget dari Alexa tersebut, anda dapat terus memonitor data pengunjung dan ranking blog atau website anda. Hal ini menjadi penting agar data-data pengunjung blog anda tidak hilang dan terus meningkat. Suatu saat nanti saat data pengunjung di alexa widget anda sudah banyak dan ramai, anda tinggal menuai hasilnya. Ketika ada pengunjung yang baru pertama kali membuka halaman blog atau website anda dan melihat data-data di widgets alexa anda, mereka akan menjadi semakin yakin dan percaya akan konten-konten yang ada di blog anda. Blog anda

pun akan terlihat lebih profesional. Berikut alamat URL widget-widget Alexa yang dapat anda kunjungi.

1. Alexa Page Rank
2. Alexa Toolbar

Setting alamat blog atau website anda sebagai homepage dari browser yang anda gunakan.

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